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Ashtanga / Movement

A unique approach to connect with gravity in your Hatha and Ashtanga asana practice

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Get personal attention in your practice and overcome your challenges

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Understand your constitution and nature based on Ayurvedic principles and get personal counselling

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Hatha / Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga goes beyond just physical practice. It combines the strength of both the body and mind. This kind of exercise requires focus and concentration, mainly on breathing. Those who practice yoga know how effectively conscious breathing can impact their experience of yoga. Hatha Yoga is a sevenfold yoga that helps you cleanse your body, strengthen and balance your body, calm your mind, liberate yourself, and find inner peace and light. Patanjali, a renowned philosopher of yoga, wrote about the eight limbs of yoga, or Ashtanga (asht: eight, anga: limb). Patanjali’s eight steps are meant to help you lead a purposeful life. They serve as a prescription for blending ethics and discipline in your life.

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the branch of yoga that typically comes to mind when you think of yoga in general terms.

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What people say about us
  • Mr.Ankur Bhati is an amazing and highly skilled yoga instructor. I’ve been practicing yoga with him for a while and I can definitely observe noticeable differences in my body – I gained a good amount of flexibility and strength! It was challenging for me, but through the clear instructions and consistency of the training, I can feel great results. Also, he is very sweet and brings very positive energy to the class. I love it! Recommend his classes to everyone!

    Pooja Tandon
  • Your teachings have taught me a lot. Balance is what you create and fear is what you overcome. Thank you for your continued encouragement in the class Ankur.

  • I feel so privileged and very lucky to learn yoga under the guidance and supervision of Ankur sir in Mysore, India. He is not only a great yoga teacher but also a kind and friendly person. Thanks, Ankur sir for motivating me and helping me move forward in my Yoga Journey.

  • Ankur has in-depth knowledge of Yoga asanas and is a firm believer in following the right practices in day-to-day learning. He demonstrates the basic to complicated steps with ease, and that’s what makes him a very good teacher. It is very important in Yoga to show the progression of building towards the final asana. This involves strength training and working upon repetitive postures. Due to the inherent teaching ability of Ankur, this task becomes easy. 
    Lipi Thukral

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