Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your online classes conducted?

These online classes are conducted on Zoom.

What's the class strength?

Morning 6 AM class has limited slots for 15 participants.

Will the recording of the class be available?

Recordings of class is available on request, however practitioners are encouraged to join the class.

In case I miss some classes during the month, can I carry over for the next month?

Yes, a maximum of 2 missed classes can be availed in the next month, practitioners also have the option to join the evening/morning class on request.

Is there a trial class where I can see if this class is for me?

Before you commit to a monthly group class, you can try a free drop-in. One free trial class is given for one-to-one sessions.

Can people with health conditions practice Yoga?

Yes, people with health conditions can practice yoga, depending on the condition and severity, the classes are designed. However, it is strongly recommended that one should take their doctor’s opinion before commencing any physical practice.

My body is not very flexible. Will Yoga help me?

A regular and consistent asana practice does help to increase mobility and flexibility.

I am not physically fit. How can Yoga help me?

Yoga is a holistic practice that helps in increasing vitality, strength, and agility in the body. A regular practice not only keeps you healthy it also aids in recovering from many ailments.

Can women practice Yoga during their periods?

For menstruating women it is recommended to take rest, however, there are certain asanas which can be practiced to give relief from menstrual cramps during periods.

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