Pranayama Benefits

Pranayama is the ancient practice of controlling your breath. You control the timing, duration, and frequency of every breath and hold.

The goal of pranayama is to connect your body and mind. It also supplies your body with oxygen while removing toxins. This is meant to provide healing physiological benefits.

Pranayama involves different breathing techniques. Examples include:

  • alternate nostril breathing (nadishodhana)
  • victorious breath (ujjayi)
  • female honeybee humming breath (bhramari)
  • bellows breath (bastrika)
  • These breathing exercises can be practiced in many ways. For instance, you can do them while performing yoga poses. You can also practice them while meditating or on their own.

7 Benefits

The benefits of pranayama have been extensively researched.

According to scientific studies, pranayama may benefit your health in a variety of different ways. Let’s look at seven of these benefits in more detail.

  1. Decreases stress
  2. Improves sleep quality
  3. Increases mindfulness
  4. Reduces high blood pressure
  5. Improves lung function
  6. Enhances cognitive performance
  7. Helps in quitting smoking

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Ankur Bhati

I am Ankur Bhati – Believer & Practitioner of Yoga. My Yoga journey started at a really young age. As time passed, I followed other pursuits, a specialized MBA that gave me an opportunity to work in different industries. Martial Arts honed my focus, movement, and control. Yoga, however, remained a close companion right through the various adventures. I realized then how much I loved the practice and valued the power of Body, Breath, and Mind. This led me to do my Teachers Training Course under the guidance of Yogacharya Bharath Shetty in Mysore. Today as my learning continues, I am a Certified Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher from International Yoga Alliance, USA, Yoga Therapy from SVYASA and have had the honour of teaching and sharing my Yoga experience with over 400 students from across 25 countries. My philosophy is my guiding light - Yoga is a union of body, breath, and mind and everyone can do Yoga irrespective of age, body type, gender, or any other discrimination. Yoga is simply a magical way to live. This philosophy is the reason behind my comprehensive approach to Yoga – a practice much beyond Asanas alone. I combine Pranayama (Breath Work), Kriyas (Cleansing Techniques), Meditation (Yoga Nidra, Trataka, Deep Meditation), and Asanas in my teaching.